12 thoughts on “New sample set available

  1. Terrence Lafferty said:

    Thank you for your amazing sound files.

    • Brian Wilson said:

      Thank you, for allowing me to listen to your new-sample-set. I wish my mother could have lived to hear your recordings. She used to play organ and sometimes in church, once she played a big pipe organ in San Diego, California but I was very young and I don’t remember where it was, but the sound difference was incomparable.

      • admin said:

        Thank you for these kind words!

  2. adam said:

    congratulations for the wonderful new Silbermann sample set!

  3. Dr. Dr. Michael L. said:

    Hello Joseph, your Silbermann-Organ from Wasselonne is the best of all recorded Silbermann-Organs, I ever have heard. Also the optical design is better than all the others. The room-release is very good. The Echo in Thomas-Church Straßbourg is bigger, would this Organ perhaps be another good projekt for you? Your recording technique is excellent. Gratulation!!!
    22. Bourdon 8′
    23. Salicional 8′
    24. Prestant 4′
    25. Flûte 4′
    26. Doublette 2′
    27. Larigot 11/3′
    28. Flageolet 1′
    29. Cornet IV
    30. Cymbale III 2/3′
    31. Trompette 8′

    • admin said:

      Thank you for your comments :)
      That would be a great future project indeed!

  4. Santiago said:

    i’ve been playing the pipe organ since i was very young. i played in several churches and cathedrals over my town, and i am looking forward to getting this breathtaking sample set to keep studing Bach’s pieces.

  5. Any chance of doing the same for a theatre organ on iPad, there is currently no such instrument for an iPad. Thanks

    • admin said:

      Maybe in the future…

  6. Dennis LaFlamme said:

    how do I order your new sample set 3 for hauptwerk I am looking forward to your reply I liked your sound samples

    Dennis LaFlamme

  7. jk said:

    Is this sample set available for Grand Orgue?

  8. admin said:

    Yes, please send me an email for more informations.

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