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Cornett "a la Spain"

Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 7:01 am
by profeluise
I have installed the beautiful organ Stiehr on my Mac 10.7. Perfect, but the Cornett stop stars to sound only from middle C (key # 25) up. Is it so from birth? Is there a way to solve this problem? because I have tried almost all the controls in HW in vain.
Thanks for your help, and to the samplers.



Re: Cornett "a la Spain"

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2012 5:18 pm
by CatOrg
Hello Luis,

Where are you from? I am in Bogotá :-) (please per PM)
In the french-classic organ, till Cavaille-Coll, the Grand-Orgue-cornett ist meant to counterbalance the weakness of the trumpet 8 in the discant. Due to metallurgy in these old times, it was not easy to have the desired trumpet sound till the highest of the Keyboard. So the cornett begins in piano at midle c and wins power where the trumpet looses power. Try trumpet with cornett to hear this.

The french classic organ has codified the registrations (fugue sur la trompette, Grand-Jeu etc) with trumpet that uses the cornett in combination with the Tp (and with the prestant too).
Furthermore, the G.O.-Cornett is not really intended to be heard alone (but you can do it of course).
So yes, this is from birth, this not a problem but a solution.

The equivalent of the cornett in little-sized french-classic organs is the jeu de tierce of the 2nd manual: Bourdon-Prestant-Nasard-Doublette-Tierce. Flute cornetts appears in bigger french organs

To have a full cornett, try the Pitea-organ from Lars.


Re: Cornett "a la Spain"

Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2012 6:36 am
by profeluise
Hello Cat, thanks for your complete explanation.

I am in Manizales, where you are welcome (my cel. is 314 767 5515). We have here an interesting pipe organ. You may take a look in: (page 5), and

It is nice to know about an hauptwerker around here -the only one, besides me, I am sure-If I you decide to visit this safe and nice colombian city, you may give me a call (my cel. is 314 767 5515).



Ps. I din not understand the phrase: "please per PM" What does it mean?