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Stiehr-Mockers and Pergolesi

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2012 3:28 pm
by ferrie
hi all,
just discovered the beautiful sound of the Stiehr-Mockers organ the other day
used it in a new variation on Giovanni Percolesi's 'Deposuit Potentes' on a midi sequence by John Fletcher

explanation about my choices in Dutch say: ... oncoction/

used the instrument as a VST in Logic Studio on my mac

on Remarkable Concoction if have used 

- the I Principaux 8 4 2 on one channel in a surround 5+1 envoirement
- and the Soubasse 16 on a seperate channel

in combination with

- a Wurlitzer 200A Chorus
- a Stage Piano Mk II phaser
- and a virtual instrument build in Sculpture: the New Cavernous Dreams

all mixed to surround 5+1 with 'walking' instruments

i am still thinking about a rhythm section in this piece but i have my doubts about that :-)

the way i work with instruments are not the 'usual classical way'

thank you Joseph for sharing this wonderful sounds - i will probably use them in more pieces