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Stiehr-Mockers is crackling (!)

Posted: Tue May 01, 2012 4:19 pm
by CatOrg
Well at least my setting is operative (2 x Casio ctk-720 ; Casio MA-150 for the pedalboard (Johannes Rohlf, very nice) ; Speakers Thonet&Wander Stark ; Computer Amilo 1650G with 2Gb Ram and Myorgan, since the last GrandOrgue doesnt works so good (only crakling, blocking) ; OS: XP-SP3 OEM ). I downloaded more or less all VPO-sets.

I love this Stiehr-Mockers but this crackles (ca grésille) when using only 4 stops in G.O. and couplers. With less it doesnt crackles anymore, with more than 4 stops its worse. Of course I think of overloaded RAM, buuuut ->
In revenche, the Burea AGO-extended NOW doesnt seems to have limits, and this is much bigger than Stiehr-Mockers.

I tried to adjust the latency up to 45ms, this is still all ok for keyboard-response. Before, Burea was crackling too, now its fine. Adjusting latency higher doesnt bring nothing more.
Some others organ are crackling too: at least Pitea (my adaptation of the organ-file), but so terrible.

Not crackling: Saint Augustine, Saint Stephen, Wilderwank-demo and harpsichords but they are all more little.

Got a clue?


Re: Stiehr-Mockers is crackling (!)

Posted: Tue May 15, 2012 10:17 am
by PaoloN
dear CatOrg,
check your running process in task manager, because is impossible that your machine crackly!!
Surely you have a virus or process that slows your cpu work.
Attempt also to set the Myorgan process up to HIGHT priority (task manager and right click over process) and see what happens.. ;)

Re: Stiehr-Mockers is crackling (!)

Posted: Tue May 15, 2012 11:27 am
by CatOrg
Dear Paulo, thanks. I had a second try at GO 0.3, that was first only doing techno sounds. Now with a latency set at 60ms (!) all is fine and Stiehr-Mockers works best in GO 0.3. I use only MyOrgan now for the Burea-xtended, till I have modified the odf in two odfs, one for barock and one for romantic music (with less higher pitch stops). Next step will be a more accurate computer. No virus or other computing-ressource-stealing-process, I check it regularly, but set GO to highest priority is a good idea, I think.

Re: Stiehr-Mockers is crackling (!)

Posted: Tue May 15, 2012 1:05 pm
by PaoloN
It's funny.... Stiehr-Mockers running well on 1gb ram also with a HP 1,8G clock and 1Gb ram...with a few latency (32).
At home, i have a 3Gh Pentium computer with 3gb ram, GASliPRO and i play SM very fastest.