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Installation of Jeux d'orgues 2 : which file to download ?

Posted: Tue Jan 20, 2009 10:54 am
by admin
Hello, I know that the "Download" page is not very helpful for people who do not know
exactly how to install Jeux d'orgues.
Do you have difficulty to choose what file you need for your configuration ?

To do simple :
* if you have a soundcard that supports Soundfont, you can use the Soundfont version
* if you don't, choose the MyOrgan/Hauptwerk version.
If you don't already have one of these software, download MyOrgan for free or buy Hauptwerk.

Then you'll need to extract the .rar archive with any good soft for this purpose
(did people have some problems here ? would it be better to provide an auto-extractable
file ? Or to simplify this installation with an "installation program")

Good luck !