New Oberhausbergen Walther for jOrgan

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New Oberhausbergen Walther for jOrgan

Postby Ghekorg7 » Thu Oct 14, 2010 4:56 pm

Hallo to all ! :)

Uploaded for download here at Jeux d'orgues is a new version of the old jeuxdorgues 1 sf2 bank, reworked and prepared for use with jOrgan latest version 311.

This is my third try, as you already know there was here from August, the previous version for 310.
Many changes on this one, new stop levers more close to originals and other goodies.

I wanted to do this for the forgotten Walther Joseph sampled 10 years ago with a DAT...
Hard hours work on extracting the single stop samples from the combinations, check and correct some release, level, tuning problems ect. I believe now the organ has a very clean and attractive sound.

I deviated from the original only in adding general pistons and two pedals, crescendo & swell. Just for the conveniance of the modern player!
Inside the file you will find the old jeuxdorgues1 sf2 bank (there are some people who just want some pipe organ sounds for their compositions and this is perfect for them), workin' diagrams for jOrgan and help files made by members of jOrgan forum.

I also added two midi files , Macque's Consonanze and Oberhaus (just a small impro of mine to exibit the sound of it)
To praise is the way Joseph did the loops on some of the ranks...The whole set is about 2.5MB!

Give it a try, I think we forgot Joseph's first works on providing us free banks.

I got mixed reaction from jOrgan forum.
There are people who allready play with and like it and some who complained about some stops and their sound.
1. Tierce. There's something annoying from G4 to end. I can stretch the previous clean sample and be ok. this high, tierce has no real affect in overall sound. But anyway.
2. The trumpet. Got the question if this is the original from Walther :?: and anyway is not a good trumpet stop, very dull at bass range and very bright at treble.
I don't know, I just stayed close to originals, correcting and adjusting where needed.And of course I had to deal with jOrgan construction, specific messages, creating effects and the overall display of this set.

I'll be happy with any feedback about this organ, if there's room for more improvement, yes I'll do it, but anyway as it is now I enjoy very much playin' it ! :D

Enjoy and have fun, always !
Panos 8-)

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Re: New Oberhausbergen Walther for jOrgan

Postby Ghekorg7 » Thu Dec 30, 2010 1:22 am

Hallo again

I uploaded in my index page in (still under construction...) a more all in one file of Oberhausbergen set for jOrgan 3.12.
Has everything, along with some exentions from jOrgan users list members for the virtual console (Marco Francesco & ErikDS) and a multi channel audio version too by ErikDS. This is a more special file made for jOrgan users.
I hope you'll find it useful !

All my best regards for a heathy, happy ,in love and harmony new year, and more great sets for Jeux d' Orgues !!

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